From the Barstool of the Publisher


From the barstool of the publisher

I usually use this space for my “From the Barstool of the Publisher” column. But something happened this month on the way to deadline that made me stop and change that.

While under the gun of deadline, the new Lucero DVD review (that I had yet to write) was pulled from the issue due to space constraints. But, while waiting for the various last-minute items like dates and stories to roll in, I popped in the DVD and immediately realized I had made a big mistake. This DVD needs to be reviewed and you all need to see it. And, you all need to see Lucero live. The band is playing a number of dates in the area this month (see the calendar section for details).

So take a break from my normal ramblings for once and take a look at this instead.

See you at the shows.

Lucero’s new DVD is a masterful dream

Dreaming in America — DVD
Liberty and Lament
5 out of 5

Dreaming in America, which debuted Sept. 16 at the CMJ Festival in New York, is the first DVD to take a look inside one of best bands you’ve never heard of — at least until now.

It’s the best music documentary DVD since Sam Jones turned his lens on Wilco for I am Trying to Break Your Heart.

In fact, it tells a similar story in many ways, but Dreaming in America has a powerful poignancy going for it that the Wilco documentary does not, and by nature, cannot. That poignancy lies in the fact that it’s a story about a band that is almost there, but not quite there yet, and that takes the underdog spirit of Wilco and multiplies it by 10.

Through a series of live and studio clips of the band in action, intermingled with interviews (mostly with lead singer and guitarist Ben Nichols), filmmaker Aaron Goldman paints a masterful picture of what a hard-working, van traveling band, scratching for their break and their place in this tumultuous industry, is all about.

Dreaming is an honest film that portrays a band that wears their truest love of playing music in front of people on their checkered flannel sleaves and it’s about time someone took notice of Lucero.

— Brian F. Johnson

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