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Moonshine Still :: Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom :: Dec.30 and 31

Moonshine still hits cervante’s for New Years shows with Shanti Groove


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By Matt Marty


With 10 years under their belt, Moonshine Still is almost elderly in the jam scene and their latest album, [R]evolution, is being hailed as their greatest leap in maturity yet.


Founded in 1996 by bass player Ray Petren and lead singer/guitar player Scott Baston, Moonshine Still toured throughout the southeast and became a must-see live act in their early days.


Completing the lineup are drummer/vocalist Will Robinson, percussionist Bill Jarrett, guitarist David Shore, and keyboardist Trippe Wright. 


The Georgia natives were able to get their name out through extensive touring and playing the festival circuit. The High Sierra Music Festival and Mid Atlantic Music Festival have been high-profile stops for the band and opportunities that they have not taken lightly. “The festival scene has allowed us to be seen by so many people that would have never heard of us before, we have been able to gain fans through people just walking by and hearing our set, and that is something that can only happen by playing festivals,” said Ray Petren in a recent interview with The Marquee.


In addition to the coveted festival gigs, Moonshine Still was taken under the wings by Front Range pioneers Leftover Salmon. Moonshine toured with Leftover and has since taken former Leftover frontman Vince Herman on the road with them. “Playing with Vince was a hell of a lot of fun; it was really cool to watch someone who has been doing it for so long,” said Petren. “I liked sitting back and seeing how they go about daily routines as a band. That’s what we were able to learn from Salmon.”


Moonshine Still’s latest studio release, [R]evolution, which came out last April, demonstrates a certain individuality about the band that sets them apart from their peers in the jam scene.


Produced by Robert Hannon, who is known for his work in engineering OutKast’s Speaker Boxxx/Love Below, Moonshine Still’s creative melodies and profound lyrics are illuminated in their most professional recording to date. 


The legendary Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta was the home for the recording of [R]evolution, and Jarrett said that the experience allowed them to utilize tools that they have not had access to before. “In the studio, we as artists have access to more tools and technology to enable us to create a broader sound,” said Jarrett.


[R]evolution is an album that moves through catchy melodies into well- structured instrumental pieces and finishes with striking harmonies that solidify Moonshine Still as a band to watch out for. “It was good for us to get something out that sounded really good, and something that we could be proud of,” said Petren. “I believe this record will help us a lot in getting our name out.”


Moonshine Still :: Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom :: Dec. 30 and 31


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