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:: Guster :: Aggie Theatre :: April 1 ::
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By Matt Marty

The sensational melodies and acoustic guitars of the Boston band Guster are being taken to another level with the soon-to-be-released Ganging Up On The Sun, due out in June. A new band member and a new style of song writing are the driving forces behind the rejuvenated group, but Guster does not stop there with the new theme.  The band is touring in a new way, with a bio-diesel bus and many more innovative ideas in tow that allow them to be more environmentally conscious. 

Over the years, Guster has established themselves as a radio friendly band, but  not a band that is seen on MTV. Guster’s music would be best described as alternative rock pop. The core of Guster’s fan base is college students, but Guster’s music spreads to older audiences as well.

Guster’s roots take them all the way back to 1991, where they met in college, and after graduating in 1995 they became full-time musicians touring the country relentlessly, a trait they still haven’t lost. Guster was a trio headed up by Ryan Miller and Adam Gardner, both on guitar and vocals, and behind them still sits Brian Rosenworcel, who is responsible for drums and percussion. Guster’s latest edition is Joe Pisapia, who plays bass, guitar, keyboard and slew of other instruments. “After we made the last record, Keep It Together, it was clear that we needed another set of hands to pull it off live because we arranged that record for more than just three people to play. It went so well with Joe on the Keep It Together Tour that we brought him in as an official member of the band,” said Gardner in a recent interview with The Marquee.

The addition of the new member has also brought a new aspect of writing to the band. “For this record, this is the first time that we brought Joe in from the ground floor on the writing process, so instead of just the three of us writing, it was all four of us,” said Gardner.

Guster set aside an entire month for writing new material for the album, found a rehearsal space, and locked themselves in. “We sat down in a circle starting with nothing and someone would start with something. Brian would play a drumbeat, or I would play a guitar lick, or Ryan would sing a melody and we would end up with a song by the time we were done,” said Gardner.

Guster’s lyrical content is done in a much more unorthodox way. The lyrics are usually not composed until right before the track is going to be laid down. “Lyrically, there is more of a political undertone to this album. There is no agenda per say to the content, but rather comments on the state of where we are right now” he said.

To hype up the new release, Guster is embarking on a nationwide tour called the Campus Consciousness Tour. The tour is going to be a way to provide insight about the environment to college students and anyone else who attends.

“This is a big, ambitious tour. It is going to be eco-friendly, our tour busses will be running on bio-diesel, we’re going to be offsetting each concert with wind power to neutralize carbon emissions and we will have food drives and lots of other things,” said Gardner. In addition to all the things Guster will do during the show and getting to the show, they will also have demonstrations on campuses during the day of the show to explain the effects of global warming, and solutions for it.

:: Guster ::

:: Aggie Theatre :: April 1 ::

:: etown at Boulder Theater :: April 2 ::


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