Atlantis brings indie to the heart of the South


By Brian F. Johnson

 Oct. 4-7
Atlanta, Ga.

Started in 1998, with the purpose of presenting a platform for the discovery of new talent in America, the Atlantis Conference and Festival is one of the up-and-coming events in the conference/festival/industry retreat genre. After eight years, Atlantis remains true to its mission, and thus is quickly growing into an international conference. With 95 percent of its performing artists unsigned and from all parts of the world, Atlantis is not just a Southeastern conference; it is an International Conference. The 9th Annual Conference will feature over 300 showcasing artists from all over the world.

Last year’s conference generated over 72,000 fans passing through a total of 14 venues.





(As calculated by from

Denver, Co., to Atlanta, Ga.).

Total Est. Time: 21 hours, 5 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 1,403 miles


ALONG THE WAY: Just a slight out-of-the-way detour en-route to Atlanta is one of the quintessential American music attractions: Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Muscle Shoals was known for years as the “Hit Recording Capital of the World,” with artists like Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Wilson Picket, Michael Jackson and countless others cranking out hit after hit. The area is also home to “The Swampers,” the famous Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section mentioned in the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama.” While the hallowed halls of the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio are now closed, the legendary FAME Recording Studios still operates, and since they are good southern people they’ll be polite enough to show you around.





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