Midwest Music Summit re-ignites midwest scene


By Brian F. Johnson


 August 10-12
Indianapolis, IN.

Six years ago, one of the most aggressive undertakings in the history of the Indianapolis music scene came to life with the advent of the Midwest Music Summit.

Challenging the antiquated notion that music and the industry that surrounds it had somehow forgotten about the Midwest, the MMS launched an all-out attack by launching the festival, which now brings close to 300 artists each year.

By making the festival a combined conference and concert locale, the promoters have also re-introduced the music industry to the area and garnered attention from media outlets on both coasts.


Artists: TBA



(As calculated by mapquest.com from Denver, Co., to Indianapolis, In.).

Total Est. Time: 16 hours, 14 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 1,084 miles


ALONG THE WAY: One of Indiana’s biggest musical stars is John Mellencamp, who first broke out with hits like “Jack and Diane,” and “Small Town,” written in and about his humble town of Bloomington, Ind., just an hour up the road from Indianapolis. It’s a journey straight into the heartland and a world of Tasty Freezes.





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