From the Barstool of the Publisher – September, 2006


I generally don’t use this space to do reviews, but a lot of good stuff went down last month that must be re-hashed.

Shortly after wrapping up a tour with his band The Supersuckers, Eddie Spaghetti returned to Denver to play a solo show at Bender’s Tavern with his friends the Railbenders. No offense to Eddie whatsoever, but the Railbenders made this gig. Eddie came out and played a few quiet tunes that felt a bit uninspired, but when he finally invited Denver’s best country band on stage, things got cool, and stayed that way. What an amazingly fun night! Thank you Benders, Eddie and the Railbenders.

Early the next week, Portland-based Richmond Fontaine took on Larimer Lounge. Richmond Fontaine (it’s the band name, not a dude’s name) has some of the most melancholy, mellow and downright sad discographies. But seeing them live is a different story. They still tell the same tales about people who are down on their luck, but live it wasn’t “music to slit your wrists to.” It was passionate, real and the darkness of the stories was illuminated by the vibrancy that the band brought to them. And, to top it off, they’re some really, really good people. If you missed this show this time, do yourself a favor and don’t miss them the next time they come through town — trust me.

Midway through the month was a holy experience for me. It’s no secret around here that two of my all-time favorite bands are The Black Crowes and Drive-By Truckers. Getting to see them play together at Red Rocks was a dream come true. The Truckers stole the night in my opinion, giving one of the most sincerely appreciative sets I’ve ever seen by anyone on that stage. Lead singer Patterson Hood looked like a little kid in a toy store, he was so damn happy.

The Crowes set was good, solid, but the real magic came the following night when brothers Chris and Rich Robinson played an intimate acoustic set as Brothers of a Feather at the Fox Theatre. Going through a wide repertoire, including a Gram Parsons cover, it was a great end to the Crowes tour. Thank you to the Fox for pulling that off, and thank you to John Caprio for having us there.

Finally, Jeff Tweedy at Folks Festival was pure heaven. I’ve said before that Tweedy is ‘a’ Dylan of our time. After this set I know for sure, he is ‘THE’ Dylan of our time. To me, there is no other musician out there right now that comes close to reaching the depths he does with his art. He’s unbelievable.

Thank you to everyone for a great month.

See you at the shows.

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