From the barstool of the publisher – October, 2006


Can’t we all just leave Willie alone?

For those of you who don’t know, Willie Nelson, along with several other members of his band and crew, got busted on Sept. 18 in Saint Martin Parish, La.

The cop claims that he was making a routine commercial vehicle inspection, but (and I know this is a huge fucking surprise to everyone) when he approached the bus, he smelled “a strong odor of marijuana.” It was later revealed that Nelson and crew allegedly had more than one-and-a-half pounds of weed and just over three ounces of mushrooms.

According to Billboard, the crew and 73-year-old Nelson were let go after being issued misdemeanor citations for holding their stashes, but come on. Is citing Willie Nelson really going to do anything? I say that, at this point, Willie should be able to hook himself up to a Turkish skull bong at in the middle of a D.E.A. convention if he so chooses.

It’s Willie! Even if he were to get so out of his gourd on shrooms and weed (and I can only imagine the quality of dope he must have) it’s not like he’s going to do anything wrong, including skipping out on his taxes. He’s sure as hell not going to be driving his tour bus.

Here’s my solution to the Willie issue, for any of you in law enforcement: Either a) agree to just let him go about his life wihout threat of arrest, or b) give him a flat citation each year. Pick a number and tell him that he can do whatever he wants, but he must pay this one ticket each year, and then let the man be. He’s old. He’s one of the last great American icons and he should able to get away with whatever he wants to these days.

On another note entirely: I’ll tell you, you are a fickle bunch to make happy. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from last month’s Front-Row-Center Awards, some really good and some really bad, and you know what? Good!

If everyone was happy with the awards, it would mean we were just giving them out to friends. It’s our intention to spread the love around. Our awards wouldn’t mean a damn thing if there wasn’t a chance that even our good friends could lose in a category. It’s nothing personal — trust me. We just want to highlight everyone who does good stuff for the scene around here.

See you at the shows.

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