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By Monica Banks

As far as the eye can see, these peeps are rocking. There is no one word to describe the sound of Massachusetts-spawned SeepeopleS, but its members say they are all about the rock. “We’re definitely a rock band,” said front man Will Bradford in a recent interview with The Marquee.

Each member adds their own flavor. Bradford is a reggae man, while the drummer swears by Zappa and the other two graduated from Berklee College of Music. With influences ranging from Radiohead, The Beta Band, Wilco and more, SeepeopleS has a resulting eclectic sound, firmly planted in rock but ready, willing and able to go beyond that foundation.

From the start, SeepeopleS has always brought their political activism into their music. Nonetheless, just as fans began to expect this kind of message, they’ve gone and switched things up again. Bradford is still writing the lyrics, but this time with a different feeling. “I think it’s kind of about the end of the world,” Bradford said. Now 28, Bradford began writing the songs for Apocalypse Cow Vol. 1 four years ago when his son Liam — “a true rocker,” in the words of his father — was born. “It was a new beginning,” said Bradford. “Beginnings and ends make you see the world for the first time all over again.” He began to look at the world through the eyes of his son. “Everything is so new and you see things that frighten and upset you,” Bradford said.

From rock anthems to introspective ballads, Apocalypse Cow takes its listeners on an adamant musical journey. One thing — in fact the only thing — that has remained the same throughout the expeditions of the SeepeopleS, is Bradford’s voice. He has been and remains the official songwriter of the group.

SeepeopleS have always had a meaningful repertoire of lyrics. “We sing lots about struggle. We’re always broke and there are lots of people who connect with that,” Bradford said. “We sing about the personal struggle you experience in this world.”

Bradford’s musical path began in his rebellious teenage years when he picked up the guitar to get back at his parents. Today he is a multi-instrumentalist, but the guitar still occupies most of his rocking. “Pink Floyd and The Beatles are a major part of my musical direction,” Bradford said. After high school, Bradford enrolled in Boston University for a few weeks before realizing that wasn’t the path for him.

In 2000 Bradford and crew started up  SeepeopleS, from Allston, Mass. The band grew out of Cosmic Dilemma, a band that split over a sour record contract. Bradford, drummer Tim Hanley and bassist Dan Intgenthron finished Cosmic-D’s final tour dates.

Although the band officially started in Allston, there is no single hometown city. Bradford still resides in the Boston area but other members live in Chicago, Detroit and Asheville, NC. “Mostly, we live out of the van,” Bradford said.

SeepeopleS have now produced three albums; Apocalypse Cow Vol. 1 is the newest direction the band has embarked on. “It’s more about society and civilization, more personal to myself,” Bradford said.

The first album was produced in 2002. For the Good of the Nation featured one of Bradford’s great musical influences, Dana Colley, former sax player for Morphine. In the aftermath, there was a split and that same year both Tim Haney (drums) and Dan Ingenthron (bass) left SeepeopleS for personal reasons. However the band came back together in 2004 to release Corn Syrup Conspiracy. Today, SeepeopleS have added Peter Keys to the lineup.

“Every record is different, the last one (Corn Syrup) is an experience in electronic and techno,” Bradford said. “It was more polished, less rock.” Listening to Apocalypse Cow one gets the impression of their politics, but Corn Syrup and Good of the Nation take freedom of expression to another level.


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