From the Barstool of the Publisher – November, 2007


:: November 2007 ::

By Brian F. Johnson

Best wishes are in order this month. Actually, truth be told, they were in order last month, but we had already gone to press by the time the announcement was made.
After nearly five years of service to the musicians and music fans on the Front Range, Fox general manager John Caprio has moved on to take the spot as the G.M. for the Broomfield Event Center.

While the move is a great one for John, and while his replacement at the Fox, Brian Carp, who has been assistant G.M. for some time now, is more than capable, something that’s very hard to put your finger on has been lost.
When John took over the G.M. spot from Rob Thomas (who moved on to be G.M. at the Fillmore in Denver) there was a tangible difference in the feeling at the Fox. That’s not to say that Rob wasn’t a good manager either, it just speaks volumes about John’s tact, mannerisms and enthusiasm for the job.
While his title may have been general manager, John was much more of an ambassador and he spent most nights in the lobby genuinely engaged in conversation with folks and doing everything he could to make them enjoy their time at the Fox. He was in the unique position to see thousands of shows, but his top priority was to always make sure his guests were happy, that the employees were happy and that things were running smoothly. Then, and only then, did he go into the house to enjoy the music himself.
John had visited Boulder long before he ever moved to town and he and his now wife attended a show during their vacation here. He once told me that he very specifically remembered thinking that night, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to work here?” Well, he went on to do just that. He was the box office manager, the publicist, the assistant G.M. and the G.M. for the theatre and despite all of that time, it didn’t ever appear that the magic had worn off for him. Whether he was dealing with a problem, attending a Hill Association meeting or listening to the music, it seemed that he always loved his job.
The Broomfield Event Center has, of course, hosted some concerts, but it’s more of a sports center, in all honesty. However, it’s hoped that promoters start tapping that venue so that it doesn’t feel like John has left the music scene for good.
In this business that’s infamous for shady characters, John showed that an honest and sincere man can make a giant impact.
We wish him the best and hope that Brian Carp and the remaining Fox employees carry on the legacy that John was so very proud of and dedicated to.
See you at the shows.

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