This Month in Music History – January


This Month in music history
January 1
• 1962: The Beatles perform their first record company audition for Decca Records and are not signed
January 2
• 1943: Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash is born
January 3
• 1946: John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin is born
• 1945: Steven Stills of Crosby, Stills and Nash is born
January 4
• 1960: Michael Stipe of R.E.M. is born
January 5
• 1940: FM radio is unveiled to America’s Federal Communications Commission; within a year, clear and static-free FM radio is available to the public
• 1923: Sam Phillips, the founder of Sun Records, is born
January 6
• 1964: The Rolling Stones embark on their first headlining tour
•    1957: Elvis Presley makes his third and final appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show;” bowing to pressure from moralists, Sullivan orders that Presley only be filmed from the waist up to avoid broadcasting his now famous swivel hips dance style
•    1946: Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd is born Roger Barrett
•    1924: Earl Scruggs is born
January 7
•    1958: Gibson registers patent for the Flying V Model Electric Guitar
January 8
•    1991: Steve Clark of Def Leppard dies
•    1947: David Bowie is born David Robert Jones
•    1946: Robbie Krieger of The Doors is born
•    1935: Elvis Presley is born
January 9
•    1950: David Johansen of The New York Dolls is born
•    1944: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is born
•    1941: Joan Baez is born
January 10
•    1976: Blues legend Howlin’ Wolf dies at the age of 65
•    1953: Pat Benatar is born Patricia Andrzejewski
•    1948: Donald Fagen of Steely Dan is born
•    1945: Rod Stewart is born
•    1943: Jim Croce is born
January 11
•    1964: Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire becomes the first country album to top the U.S. pop album chart
•    1963: Whiskey A-Go-Go opens on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles
January 14
•    1970: Diana Ross plays her last show with The Supremes before embarking on a solo career
•    1968: LL Cool J is born James Todd Smith on Long Island
January 15
•    1967: The Rolling Stones appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and, at Sullivan’s request, change the lyrics from “Let’s spend the night together” to “Let’s spend some time together”
•    1949: Ronnie Van Zandt of Lynyrd Skynyrd is born Ronald Wayne Van Zandt
January 17
•    1955: Steve Earle is born
January 19
•    1981: Chris Wright, the chairman of the British Phonograph Industry, predicts the new cassette format will cause the death of vinyl
•    1943: Janis Lynn Joplin is born
January 20
•    1982: Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off of a live bat thrown at him during a performance
•    1950: Paul Stanley of Kiss is born
January 21
•    1941: Ritchie Havens is born
January 22
•    1960: Michael Hutchence of INXS is born
•    1931: Sam Cooke is born
January 23
•    1953: Robin Zander of Cheap Trick is born
•    1910: Django Reinhardt is born
January 24
•    1947: Warren Zevon is born
•    1941: Neil Diamond is born Noah Kaminski
January 26
•    1957: Eddie Van Halen is born
January 27
•    1984: Michael Jackson suffers second and third degree burns to his head and neck after his hair catches fire from sparks from pyrotechnic effects during the filming of a Pepsi commercial
January 29
•    1952: Tommy Ramone of The Ramones is born Thomas Erdelyi
January 30
•    1982: Sam “Lightnin’” Hopkins dies
•    1969: The Beatles perform together for the last time atop the roof of Apple Records’ headquarters in London; authorities stop the performance 42 minutes into the set during “Get Back” because of noise complaints
January 31
•    1956: Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols is born Johnny Lydon

Compiled from the archives of Rock & Roll Library

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