Desert Rocks Heats Up Memorial Day In Moab


By Mike Hedrick


May 22- 25
Moab, Utah

The 4th annual Desert Rocks Music Festival, held on Memorial Day weekend, features funk, rock, reggae, bluegrass, folk, and blues acts set on 420 acres in the red rock cliff desert of southern Utah in Kane Creek Canyon.

The festival is still relatively new, but growing in its audience as well as lineup each year. The festival’s organizers have are proud to announce that TLO, Trevor Gerrod of Teal Leaf and several members of ALO (Lebo, Adams, and Brogan); will be collaborating for the first time at the event.

Not only is the lineup growing, the number of festival goers have increased from 200 in attendance in 2005 to more than 1,500 last year. In addition to Frisbee golf and art, Dirstar Army will present a mountain boarding competition at the festival.

(As calculated by from Denver, Colo. to Moab, Utah)

Total Est. Time: 5 hours, 25 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 355 miles

YOU NEED TO KNOW: You’re going to be in the desert, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that you’ll be hot the whole time. Desert nights are notoriously cold. If you’re used to Colorado festivals, where you’re prepared for all kinds of weather, you’ll be o.k., but don’t let that little voice in your head tell you leave warm clothes behind.



The Derek Trucks Band
Del the Funky Homosapien
TLO Trevor Garrod of Tea Leaf with Lebo, Adams, Brogan of ALO
Hot Buttered Rum
Eric Mcfadden Trio with Bernie Worrell
New Monsoon
LAB Lebo, Adams, and Brogan of ALO
The Motet
Trevor Garrod solo on Sunday
Blue Turtle Seduction
The Frequency
Lebo from ALO
Joseph Israel
Royal Bliss
The Williams Brothers
Ten Mile Tide
Puddle Mountain Ramblers
Smooth Money Gesture
Elephant Revival Concept
Gigi Love
Dead Horse Minstrel
Theywent Thataway
James Shook
Big Light
Cavalry Baptist Gospel Choir
Stonewise Birdfed

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