Joshua James



Joshua James

The Sun is Always Brighter

Northplatte Records
3 out of 5 stars
Release Date: June 3, 2008

Joshua James has the ability to write songs that are non-offensive and easy to listen to. He has a great voice and a great sense for melodies that will stick to the wall, however, there is something about his four-minute pop folk songs that constantly remind me of other singer-songwriters.

His writing, singing and playing are all good, not to mention the studio production on the album is great, but he constantly reminds me of an upbeat Ray LaMontagne mixed with a touch of Martin Sexton. As my roommate pointed out, listen to the track “Soul & the Sea” and see if you are reminded of LaMontagne’s song “Empty.”

Radio is going to eat this album up. The opening track on the album “The New Love Song” is a hit if I have ever heard one. Lots of people are going to eat this album up too. It will be the soundtrack of the summer for some. I just need a little more original in my originality.

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