The Cure

Red Rocks Amphitheatre
May 21, 2008

By Jessica C. Johnson

Photos by Soren McCarty/


It’s been 29 years since The Cure released their first album and 19 years since their album Disintegration garnered them worldwide acclaim, but last night’s Red Rocks show didn’t show too many signs of aging for the iconic Godfathers of mopey, shoe-gazer indie rock.

The show was a greatest hits set, for sure, but it was delivered with sincerity and enthusiasm that made it a perfect fit for the night. That being said, four songs into the show, it could have gone either way. The band had yet to really get the crowd into the palm of their hand, but luckily they turned that around quickly.

Rumors had been circulating that front man Robert Smith was not feeling well and had even considered canceling the show, so the fact they came out and did three full hours, including three encores, was utterly amazing.

The band had cancelled its Oct. 2 date from last year, so this show was already a make-up, and the mood at Red Rocks was electric with anticipation.

Though the years have not been über-kind to Smith’s trademark look of electric hair, pale complexion and used-to-be light frame, the 49-year old Smith was uncharacteristically mobile on stage, although some parts hinted at a desire to just sit down and chill.

But, on this amazing spring night, the crowd (made up, not surprisingly, of mostly 30-plus folks) didn’t seem to mind, and in fact, while Smith voice wasn’t quite as strong as year’s past, it wasn’t bad and the crowd’s sing along spirit filled in harmonies and drowned out some of the less-than-miraculous tones.

Seeing bands perform after their prime is always a tricky endeavor, that could leave you wishing you’d just stayed home and listened to the album. But, despite the fact that it wasn’t the most incredible performance ever, it was still well worth the wait, and one hell of a fun evening on the rocks.







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