Yarmony Grass Rebuilds After Devastating Fire


By Ryan Lappi



August 15, 16, 17
Copper Mountain, CO

When I first attended Yarmony Grass in 2006, I thought I had discovered the Colorado festival circuit’s greatest secret. Originally held at the historic State Bridge Lodge near Vail, the festival was a small gathering of big personalities, all exhibiting a spirit of musical kinship, outdoor kicks, and a very high threshold for partying. Judging from the perma-grins on everyone’s faces throughout the weekend, Yarmony Grass seemed to be a new Colorado tradition in the making.

Then disaster struck. The day tickets went on sale in 2007, this barnburner of a festival shed its metaphorical qualities as the hundred-year-old lodge went up in flames. But thanks to the heroic dedication of the organizers, a gathering of epic proportions has risen from the ashes. The festival has moved to Copper Mountain, and most of the alumni of the last two years will be attending, along with many, many more friends. The organizers also promise camping, lodging, late night adventures, and plenty of good beer. And rest assured, after all the festival has been through, there will be plenty more reasons to celebrate.

(As calculated by mapquest.com from Denver, Colo. to Copper Mountain, Colo.)

Total Est. Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 77 miles

YOU NEED TO KNOW: There’s not going to be any snow on the slopes in August, but those looking to add more to their weekend besides the music should check out the activities offered by the resort. The downhill mountain biking is pretty inexpensive and offers killer trails with no uphill climbs.


Camping: TBA

Railroad Earth
Peter Rowan
The Emmitt Nershi Band
Hot Buttered Rum
Honkytonk Homeslice Electric
Kyle Hollingsworth
Elephant Revival
Jeff Sipe
Big Water
Head for the Hills
Kevin Watson
EOTO and Friends
Strings for Industry (w/ Michael Kang)
Gibb Droll

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