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Cameron McGill 

Tour EP

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Two months ago I wrote in my editorial that the music industry is in desparate need of “a healthy dose of ‘Wow.’”

Well, I’ve found it and it’s not even a full release. It’s simply a tour EP. It doesn’t even have artwork. McGill said the EP is a snapshot of things to come from the band.

For several years now, Chicago troubadour Cameron McGill has logged thousands of miles and milestones as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter. Recently, however, McGill has enlisted the  backing force of What Army and the result is blissful.

Last month I saw McGill with the full ensemble for the first time and I was so impressed it prompted me to write a live review where I said McGill’s addition of the Army was akin to Ryan Adams employing The Cardinals. After his set, McGill flipped me a copy of this Tour EP and it’s been in my stereo ever since.

McGill has never slacked on his songwriting abilities, which are complex, phenomenally phrased and wise way beyond McGill’s years. The addition of the full band is remarkable in terms of the depth and beauty that it brings out of McGill’s songs.

His phrasing is immaculate. He’s got just enough pop in his delivery to make it catchy, without even hinting at cheesiness.

This humble EP is amazingly executed songwriting and showcases how simple, yet strong musicianship can enhance it even further.

McGill is coming back to Colorado in September for the Monolith Fesitval. Do yourself a favor and make his set a top priority.

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  1. Alex Samuel on

    sigh. he’s so dreamy. but – i’m pretty sure you and i saw him at south park with richard edwards. did we not?