Overheard – June, 2008




Flobots are winning – On their CD Fight With Tools, Denver’s own Flobots have a tune called “We Are Winning,” and indeed the hip-hop act is. The band’s single “Handlebars” has spent four weeks at number one on radio charts, it’s been the number one song in the country for alternative radio spins and it’s reached up to number 11 on the iTunes charts. Additionally, Fight With Tools is the number three album at Denver’s Twist and Shout. The band also performed on May 20 on Carson Daily’s talk show and spent the remainder of the day answering sex questions on “Loveline” with Dr. Drew and Stryker. As of press time stats were not available, but the last week of May the band was expected to be on the Billboard charts after their first week of national soundscan for Fight with Tools. So, just like their song “Handlebars” says, they can finally “throw their hands in the air like it’s good to be alive and I’m a famous rapper.” Congrats!

Pearlman says “Bye, Bye, Bye” – After years of subjecting the world to horrendous boy band crap passed off as “music,” karma has finally caught up with Lou Pearlman. The man who created the Backstreet Boys and ‘Nsync is facing 25 years in prison stemming from four federal charges, including two counts of conspiracy, money laundering and using false statements in a bankruptcy proceeding. Prosecutors allege that Pearlman was involved in a “decades-long” investment scam. The judge has said that for every $1 million Pearlman returns to investors, his sentence will be reduced by one month.

NIN cuts scalpers – In an effort to thwart scalpers, Nine Inch Nails has developed a new ticketing system that will cater to their fans. 72 hours before tickets go on sale to the general public, NIN.com members (who have signed up with their legal name) will have the chance to purchase advanced tickets. Those tickets will then be printed with the fan’s initials on the ticket and all tickets will be held at will call until the night of the show. The hope is that the system will keep tickets out of the hands of ticket brokers and scalpers. Plus, it’ll make a damn good souvenir to have your initials on the ticket.

A new Pixie – Former Pixies lead vocalist Frank Black (a.k.a. Black Francis, a.k.a. Charles Thompson) and his wife Violet welcomed their fifth child on May 1. Jude Oliver Francis Thompson weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces and joins his siblings Julian, Annabelle, Jack and Lucy.

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