1. Victoria Woodworth on

    i am hoping this is the right space for a comment about the Mile High Music Festival; i have to assume it is since the object of my ire can be seen directly above this box (namely, the Saturday schedule for the aforementioned event). now before you start thinking i’m a negative whiney little wad, let me just begin by saying the event was mostly great; we had a lovely time listening to fabulous music, lolling on the abused grass, eating expensive snacks, slathering on the SPF 85 and running for the tents when our brains commenced to boil out of our ears. it was mostly great, and i hope you do it next year. it was very well executed and as far as i could tell nobody GOT executed in the process of attending.
    that said, let me NOT congratulate you for your abysmal oversight in not putting Steve Winwood, one of the greatest musicians of all time, on the main stage where he belonged, and leaving it up to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to think of it. i always suspected T.P. and crew of having an above average amount of class and they proved it by giving him 2(smokin)songs during their set. What were you trying to do to the guy by having him play at 4:00pm in the friggin Mile Hi desert, give him a F—–g stroke?! give me a break!! he’s old, and he’s English! have you BEEN to England? it’s at sea level and cool!! did you want to KILL him?? sheesh.
    oh and while i’m bitching, let me also complain about your positioning of Andrew Byrd opposite Steve Winwood…making it impossible for us to see both of them unless we wanted to do a 900 yd dash in the scalding heat in order to catch fragments of both sets. THAT could have been done better. i realize Stevie is the baby boomer demographic and Andrew Byrd is more in the artsy hipster category; my husband and i are “old” but we do still have ears and minds, and would have loved to have seen the full sets of both acts. it’s always dangerous to try and predict what people will like, in my opinion. but, oh! i forgot, that’s what you all do. sorry.
    anyway… as i said, it was mostly great. stagger the acts a little more. thanks a gazillion and i hope you’ll separate us all from our dollars this agreeably again next year.
    Victoria Woodworth
    City Park West

  2. I’m sure next year, AEG will check with each and every one of us in attendance before the event to make sure they can make everyone happy. With a festival of that magnitude there’s gotta be some sacrifices, and if Stevie Winwood was more of a draw he would have made the main stage. That’s not the organizer’s fault, it’s his and his fan base. Sorry to add cynicism to your already healthy does, but that’s the way it goes.

  3. Victoria Woodworth on

    well i feel better. glad to know that y’all care so much about what the little people think. did you read the part where i said we had a great time? that was sincere. maybe i should have put it in caps.
    you’re right, i’m cynical. i didn’t start out that way. :)

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