Overheard – July, 2008



Phish 3.0? — In the last few months, rumors about Phish’s reunion have been more prevalent than dank buds at an actual Phish reunion. Although the four members were on stage together in May for the Jammy Awards, legions of crispy-crunchy heads had their dreams shattered when the band chose not to perform. But a new report from Jamtopia.com brought so much attention that even Billboard picked up the story. The report stated that producer Steve Lillywhite would be working on a new Phish album this year. Lillywhite worked on Phish’s 1996 album Billy Breathes. Lillywhite has offered a “no comment” on the subject.

Foo joined by Zep members — Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones joined the Foo Fighters on stage on June 7 at London’s Wembley Stadium for covers of “Rock and Roll” and “Ramble On.” Frontman Dave Grohl told the crowd that it was “the greatest day of my entire life.” Foo Fighters will play Red Rocks on July 14 and 15.

Another G N’ R tease — If you blinked you missed the chance, but on June 18, for a short time, nine tracks reported to be “mastered and finished” tracks from the decade-and-a-half-in-waiting Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy were leaked online by the website Antiquiet.com. The posting, of course, was followed by a cease-and-desist from G N’ R management. Six of the nine tracks that were posted on June 18 had leaked before, but the new versions that appeared this month showed differences on the tracks, like the addition of organs and tambourines and multi-tracked vocals. Antiquiet.com has disabled their player, claiming that it “broke the entire internet” after their traffic went through the roof.

New Margot soon — Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos are getting set to release two albums on the same day this fall. Both Animal! and Not Animal will drop via Epic on Oct. 7. Animal! will be a vinyl-only release while Not Animal will be on CD and available digitally. Both releases feature 12 songs, but only five of the tracks will be on both formats. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos will also release an EP on July 29, which was recorded for Daytrotter.com.

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