Blitzen Trapper



Blitzen Trapper
Saturday :: Rock Room Stage :: 3:50 p.m.


— Mike Hedrick

Imagine if Beck, The Eels, Wilco and Neil Young all got together deep in the sparse woods of New Mexico and decided to pass a joint around a bonfire and partake in Kesey’s conception of a communal mind. The sound produced from that little session would just about describe the stylings of Portland’s sextet Blitzen Trapper. Already exploring numerous genres on their first three, self-released albums, Blitzen Trapper has received critical acclaim about their buzzing experimental folk style. After signing to Sub-Pop in 2007, the band has stayed miraculously true to its chilled-out down-home roots while still managing to take artistic freedom and experiment. It’s a shame music like this never reaches the shelves of deep Midwest Wal-marts, where the outsider kids are starving for the slightest semblance of real musical expression.

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