Chain Gang of 1974



Chain Gang of 1974
Sunday :: Gigbot Stage :: 1:30 p.m.


— Michael Hedrick

Denver’s Kamtin Mohager is something special, something that few words can describe. Under the moniker of Chain Gang of 1974, Mohager’s punch-you-in-the-face electro style is something that at first makes you feel violated which, in this case, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In his music, he gives incredible homage to his two greatest influences, LCD Soundsystem and The Presets, which is difficult considering he does nothing short of accomplishing the miracle of successfully holding true to the illusive one-man-band magic. Mohager’s act was announced this month to be support for Boulder’s very own 3OH!3’s upcoming national tour, which will be kicking off mid-October. He also has a record in the works called Mad Paranoid, which no doubt will fuel the hipster fire that burns silently all over the nation.

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