The Fratellis



The Fratellis
Saturday :: Esurance Main Stage :: 5:45 p.m.


— Brian Kenney

When you land the opening slot on the hottest reunion tour in decades, the stars must be aligning for you. Such is the case for Glasgow Scotland’s The Fratellis, who spent most of 2007 supporting The Police on their stadium tour. The Fratellis are Scotland’s answer to Denver’s Hot IQ’s, with poppy, trigger-happy tunes such as the high-kicking single “Flathead” off of 2006’s Costello Music, which runs like a ’60s beach party anthem with tweaky jangling guitars and scotch-infused vocal slurs. It proved catchy enough for an iPod commercial. (And what better for a band who markets themselves on digital downloaded singles?) 2008 has found The Fratellis redefining their sound with the June release of Here We Stand, where they attempt to shed their cobra bite snippets of songs in favor of a slower, ominous, moodier feeling. Fans of White Stripes and The Vines will not be disappointed, as this is high energy British pop at its best.

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