Dressy Bessy



Dressy Bessy
Holler and Stomp

Signature Sounds
3 out of 5 stars
:: Bluebird Theater :: Oct. 18 ::

Dressy Bessy got a bad time slot at the Monolith Music Festival last month, playing the very first main stage slot of the festival, long before the crowds arrived in force. But, just because they landed that unfortunate slot, doesn’t mean they’re not worthy. The band’s new album Holler and Stomp is a solid performance of retro pop, that is as colorful and bright as Sixties day-glow on acid.

Yet, Holler and Stomp lacks diversity. It’s one gear all the way through and the album would come off better if there was some variety thrown into the mix.

— Brian F. Johnson

:: Bluebird Theater :: Oct. 18 ::

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