Vic Chesnutt



Vic Chesnutt
Dark Developments

Orange Twin
3.5 out of 5 stars

Vic Chesnutt is a brilliant singer/songwriter who should be widely known and heralded by now, but his latest release, Dark Developments, isn’t going to help get him any closer to household name status.

That’s not to say that his album is a bust, in any way, it’s just that Chesnutt doesn’t live up to the incredible potential that he has with this album. Chesnutt, who often teams up with bands for his release, this time has put himself in line with Elf Power.

Chesnutt’s voice is strong as ever on Dark Developments, and his lyrical phrasing seems as if it’s been busy taking steroids.

But while songs like “Mystery” and “Stop The Horse” showcase why he should be well-known, songs like “Little Fucker” and “And How” do little justice to show off the mighty strength of his skills.

Maybe next time, Vic.

— Brian F. Johnson

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