…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

:: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead ::
:: Bluebird Theater :: Monday - March 9 ::


By Tiffany Childs

… And You Will Know U By The Trail of Dead has long been a favorite of mine to listen to, live or recorded, but last night’s show sealed the fact that these boys create such an epically loud sound in their live show that you need to hear them in this form to truly call yourself a fan.

Trail of Dead started the evening’s show at The Bluebird Theater with “Giant Causeway” off their latest release, The Century of Self. The rest of the night was spent playing a mixed bag of songs from most of their albums, much to the crowd’s delight if the head bobbing, foot tapping and occasional moshing were any sign.

The songs this group produces are so powerful that they seem to fill every particle in a room until you feel like you’re going to explode with the fury of their sound. And the band that plays them needs to have enough energy live that you can’t help but say “wow, that was fucking phenomenal” at the end of each song. Trail of Dead not only has that energy, they embrace it fully, seemingly losing themselves in the music, the moment, the crowd.

Toward the end of the night Jason Reece jumped off the stage and wound his way through most of the crowd singing and convulsing on the ground in the middle of the tiered set-up at the Bluebird Theater. At the time it seemed as though it was going to be rock and roll highlight of the night. It seemed so, in fact, until just before the last song when Conrad Keely shotgunned a beer in honor of playing the first song the band ever wrote. Or maybe just because he felt like it.

At this point Trail of Dead had riled the crowd up into such a frenzy that some show-goer hopped up on stage to join the band. Immediately security came at him from both directions. After a brief scuffle the stage guard managed to wrestle the errant fan off stage and began the process of throwing this guy out. Trail of Dead stopped in the middle of playing the final song of the night and tried to convince the security guard to let the guy back in during this process, yelling things like “we don’t care,” “we like people on stage,” and “that’s my cousin.” Perhaps it was a cousin, perhaps not. Either way security didn’t budge on the issue. So, then they started a “set him free” chant complete with drum and audience participation. And when that didn’t work Keely began pulling people from the front pit onstage while the one lone fan was being outcast through the back door. The result was the latter half of a grand finale played on a stage crowded with dancing, utterly blissed out fans and one of those concert moments that is forever etched in your brain as one hell of a memorable time.

That, my friends, is truly rock and roll.

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