Everything Eventual
3.5 out of 5 stars

Denver’s Glyphic should take a really good look at the parking lot of Mile High Stadium the next time they drive past it on I-25.That lot might seem foreign to them now, but soon enough they might end up there, playing for something like the Van’s Warped Tour.

As their debut album, Everything Evenutal —  which dropped last month at a Gothic Theatre release party — showcases, the band is Warped Tour-ready, blending hard rock, pop punk and skater thrash that has become the staple of Warped and like crack to the ears of young, but loyal, followers.

The album definitely gives nods to bands that they toured with and obviously have been inspired by — most notably Trapt and Egypt Central — but while many bands in the genre fall into a formulaic and painfully ordinary sound, Glyphic has honed their craft enough that they can stand out among the hordes of others who are similar.

—  Brian F. Johnson

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