The Black Crowes


The Black Crowes
Warpaint – Live
Eagle Records
4.5 out of 5 stars

When The Black Crowes released their last album Warpaint — the band’s first release in seven years — I nearly cried while giving it only a three-star review. It should have been better.

But now, a year later, the band has released a two-disc live version of the album and the result is a 180-degree shift. Live, these songs have grown from ho-hum studio tracks to deep, full, rich songs that show The Black Crowes once again properly using their tagline as

“The world’s most rock and roll, rock and roll band.”

In addition to featuring Warpaint in its entirety, the release also throws in some classic Crowes, such as “Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye,” a great Crowes song that never made it on an album — “Darling of the Underground Press” — and some previously unreleased covers, such as the Stone’s classic “Torn and Frayed.”

The Crowes may have missed the mark with their first studio release in seven years, but this live version is a testament to their live prowess.

In late June, the band also released a live DVD version, which captures the sold-out Los Angeles concerts the album was culled from.

— Brian F. Johnson

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