George Thorogood & The Destroyers


George Thorogood & The Destroyers
The Dirty Dozen
Capitol Records
4 out of 5

Old “Lonesome George” often gets a bad rap, that usually lapses into uniformed insults, concerning his credibility as a “blues” singer/guitarist. Many of these verbal assaults come from a crowd that hasn’t explored the Thorogood’s “goods” outside of the FM dial.  There is no doubt that Thorogood’s post “Bad to the Bone” (Think “Get a Haircut”) originals are watered down when compared to straight blues of his youth, but they still qualify as kick ass tunes for the most part.

Thorogood’s newest disc is a successful attempt to bring the past to the present with a unique approach. The first half of the new recordings slams home a batch of blues covers like an excellent version of Muddy Water’s “Born Lover” that, when compared to the original, really displays the brilliance of Thorogood’s high octane blues interpretations. The second half of the disc features fan favorites like the rip-roaring “Howlin’ for My Baby” and a few out of print tracks, with the most notable being the country standard “Six Days on the Road,” that demonstrates Thorogood and his crew aren’t one-trick ponies. If you only think of “I Drink Alone” when you hear Thorogood’s name you should really give this album a shot.

—Brandon Daviet

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