Monolith :: Starfucker


Saturday, September 12
 Brian Kenney

Starfucker have delivered an absolutely infectious self-titled album described as “a cohesive package of electro indie pop with a light hip-hop after-taste.” It’s like playing an 8-bit video game where your primary objective is to overcome heartbreak and an obsession with death, your only weapon a love laser mounted on a space bike that zaps out bright red blips and neon bleeps.

The experience of seeing Starfucker’s live performance delivers a certain nostalgia, a reminder of what it was like to be a teenager: inspired, curious, open, hungry for anything new, and smiling uncontrollably. Whether dressed in ’80s era Brooklyn hip-hop style, electro clash or full drag, live, the three bring a new experience and unpredictability to every show.

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