Film Dailies


The Film Dailies
Staring Up At Giants Again
3 out of 5 stars

The band calls their music indie pop electronica, but with little imagination, it can also fall under avant singer/songwriter, or modern electro-folk.

The common thread between those labels and the Film Dailies debut release, Staring Up At Giants Again, is a simplicity which runs throughout the 11 song disc. Even when melodies, lyrics, or beats are going a mile a minute, there’s almost a calm zen to the chaos, and for anyone who knows the two songwriters behind The Film Dailies, Molly Cherington and Michael Lloyd, it’s a perfect fit.

Both musicians in the Boulder scene for some time, the Film Dailies is a smash-cut to another realm for them and bandmate John Nelson, but one pulled off with smart directing and an endearing, clever, cast which is engaging throughout.

:: The Film Dailies ::
:: with the Telling Stories String Quartet ::
:: Walnut Room :: Oct 3 ::
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