From the Barstool of the Publisher – October


I have never really used this space to write about personal things — I’ve vented, spewed opinions and encouragement from this barstool for years, but I’ve never really talked about behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. But there have been some changes in The Marquee family in recent weeks that I cannot, in good conscience, move forward without acknowledging.

The circle of people who surround this magazine, as I’m sure you can imagine, are very near and dear to me. The amount of tireless hours that go into this magazine each month from them still astounds me.

Of those people, there is no one who has given more volumes of quality content to The Marquee than Timothy Dwenger. Tim has written more stories for this magazine than any other writer (including me) and single-handedly shaped the contents of these pages, and my own personal music collection, because of his work.

Well, Tim got married this month as this issue was going to press, and you’ll notice that he still contributed two stories (I told him not to and to take the month off, but he insisted).

I don’t want to get too gushy, but I wanted to take this space to wish him and his lovely bride Lindsay all the best in this new chapter of their life. They are one of the most loving and inspiring couples I know, and my wife and I have spent many an evening with them enjoying some of the very artists that Tim helped turn me on to. Best of luck, you guys. You deserve the world.

Their marriage leads me to another amazing couple in The Marquee family who also tied the knot this month. Amy Rist — who like many Marquee people, has come, gone and then come back to Marquee-land — this month, married her long-time boyfriend and fellow Marquee distribution manager Joey Wilkinson. I’ve always loved the fact that Amy’s strong Boston voice is as loud and as powerful as mine, and that she’s never afraid to use it. So, I’m bracing myself for the phone call I’m soon due about missing their wedding. I’m so sorry you guys. Despite my absence at the ceremony, you know I love you both and wish that your future years together are as fun and fulfilling as your years up till now have been.

For those of you who don’t know either of those couples, I’ll get back to my pointless, incessant ramblings in next month’s issue — which I also promise you is going to feature an out-of-this-world interview: our first inter-galactic, inter-species interview that is not to be missed.

See you at the shows.

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