Hello Kavita


Hello Kavita
to a loved one
4 out of 5 stars

Hello Kavita isn’t the kind of band that’s gonna melt your face with fancy licks. They’re not going to dazzle you with stage theatrics. The beauty and genius of Hello Kavita is a subdued excitement that is always just below the surface, and doesn’t need to be in your face to be awe-inspiring.

Following closely on the heels of their 2008 release And Then We Turned Sideways, which drew incredible amounts of local praise, the five-piece Denver band will be releasing to a loved one  later this month.

to a loved one continues where their first album left off — the band hasn’t undergone any major style or personnel changes — and hopefully that’s a sign that while Hello Kavita may say things in a mid-tempo, quiet rock kind of way, they have a lot of things to say, and plan on continuing to do so, beautifully, for some time to come.

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