Before I Sing
3 out of 5 stars

It’s really bizarre to call Before I Sing a “debut” album. D.V.S*, or Derek VanScoten as he is known on his I.D., has been a staple of the Boulder scene for years, playing with groups such as 8traC, Cabaret Diosa, The Motet, DevotchKa, DJ Logic, E37 and others.

But Before I Sing is the first release that bears his name, or initials as the case may be, and the album really is all him. VanScoten produced, wrote, sampled, cut, pasted, reversed, faded, rinsed, harmonized, engineered, and mastered the entire project. In fact, it seems as if the only thing he didn’t do was the artwork for the digital-only release, which was completed by his wife and 8traC bandmate Chantel Mead.

VanScoten said that the mainly electronica release, which is named after the gospel tune “Before I Sing (I Must Feel),” is a collection of thoughts and feelings from all the hip-hop, funk, soul, and Motown bands he has performed or recorded with over the past few years. And he’s right. It’s a solid blend and a strong release.

— Brian F. Johnson

:: Lo-Tyde – feat. D.V.S* and members of Lotus and MFA ::
:: b side Lounge :: November 20 ::

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  1. Jessie Dulberger on

    I really enjoyed this funky, beautiful, ecletic piece of work by DVS! I listen to the album over and over again! I’ve passed it on to my facebook friends, and everyone has given rave reviews and are really excited about it!

    Thanks for the great new tunes DVS!

  2. janet guenther on

    i absolutely love the direction DVS has taken with this release! it blends the oldschool vibes but in a fresh sound. its not like the normal sample pulling that most hip hop is having to deal with right now. which is fairly unimaginative. this is anything but that. a surprise around every corner! just interesting enough to keep the “musicians” happy, but not too heady to be intangible for the average listener. a fun balance. and it kept me groovin from the first track to the last! such a great album!! awesome work DVS! killer new vibe!!

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