From the Barstool of the Publisher – December 2009


What an amazingly awesome turn of events, and content, we’ve had in The Marquee over the last two months. It kind of caught us off guard, but the medical marijuana movement has come through huge for us and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Back in the mid-Nineties, when I was still a relatively young reporter, my dream was to write for High Times magazine, and after a whole bunch of rejections from them I was finally given the chance in early 1996. As part of the Highwitness News Team, I was on the front lines of the medical marijuana movement. It got to the point where, in between freelancing for HT, I used a week’s worth of vacation time from my corporate newspapering job to volunteer with NORML. Yes, I felt so strongly about it, I gave up vacation time. Now here we are more than a dozen years later and I find myself again near the front lines of that same movement.


Since things caught us so off guard, we weren’t really able to prepare the magazine for the change in advertising and we hope to, within the next few months, find a way to balance what we’ve always done — bringing you stories on Colorado’s live music scene — with some information about this movement that is happening before our eyes.


As with any new industry, people are going to want reviews and for us to hand out kudos to their shops, and we will be doing that from time to time. But as we venture into this, we will make this vow to our loyal readers — any praise will be handled with the same care that we provide for our musical coverage. What that means is that you’re not going to have to search through negative reviews to find the good establishments. Those who read us each month will notice that we never run CD reviews of less than two stars. While it could be argued that we give everyone good reviews, it can also be argued that we don’t waste our time or yours telling you why something sucked — instead we just want to tell you what’s good.


So keep an eye out for those changes that are heading your way and by all means voice your opinions about them. If you don’t mind the magazine looking elsewhere for content, tell us, and if you do mind, tell us that as well. Without your feedback we’re blind, so let us have it.


For those of you who don’t care for the movement, we hope not to alienate you. We’re not going to completely change our voice. It’s our opinion that the only reason we’re still here after nearly eight years, is because of our hard line “nothing but music” attitude. But we also think that changing things up from time to time and adding fresh life is a worthwhile venture.


See you at the shows.

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