Flashbulb Fires

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Flashbulb Fires
4 out of 5 stars

Formerly known as Fiancé, the Denver-based Flashbulb Fires claims to have made Glory as a “cohesive artistic statement and an undeniable return to the album as an art form.” And while the indie-rock quartet gets a little poppy from time to time, I hear more Flaming Lips than I do The Fray on Glory. (Disclaimer: In my iTunes, Flashbulb Fires comes right after The Flaming Lips, and that could have influenced my initial thoughts about this album.)
In fact, some of the tracks do sound very Wayne Coyne-esque, without the acid. But the album is a massive arrangement with countless layers — a real score, rather than a collection of tracks. Flashbulb Fires’ orchestral elements give tremendous emotion to the heavy brooding “no one understands” lyrics. Yet, the band eschews the standard pitfall and lightens up before the whole thing gets too heavy and that’s a critical feature to the album’s greatness.

— Brian F. Johnson

:: KRFC Live @ Lunch :: January 7 (noon)
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  1. Endulge Me.., I observed the focus and serenity of FLASHBULB FIRES upon arrival at the KRFC Studios. As the sound check progressed, the vibe got better. In as much, they sound polished live and the critics have noticed. Flashbulb Fires registerd with a P.R.O. and demonstate ownership in their ambition. (D.I.Y. all the way!) This is the reality and future of the recording artist.

    Boss Redding KRFC
    Live@Lunch Producer/Host
    Ft. Collins, CO

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