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John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light


Who ’dat?:

John Common (songs/guitars/ piano/organ/samples/ vocals), Jess De Nicola Mefford (vocals/keys), Kevin Meyer (bass/ vocals), Wes Michaels (cello), Adam Revell (piano/organ/melodica/ glockenspiel), Carl Sorensen (drums), Jimmy Stofer (bass).

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We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like:

Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos, Death Cab for Cutie, Simon and Garfunkel.

What’s their deal?:

With their latest CD, Beautiful Empty, still fresh off the presses, the individuals of Blinding Flashes of Light, who describe themselves as a collaborative crash pad, are artistic forces in multiple mediums. John Common’s songs range from “raucous and snarly, to beautiful and introspective,” drawing listeners into a whimsical oblivion of wandering thoughts. The band claims that Beautiful Empty is a product of the stories and films they play in their heads when no one is paying attention. Though covered with a veil of 2000’s indie rockers, the group has the feel of antiques, with a charm that says they’ve been around the block, but are crafted well enough to continue to endure.

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O.K. When?:

Meadowlark, February 19.

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