First Bank Center Grand Re-opening

Photo by   Soren McCarty

Last night in Broomfield, AEG Live flexed it’s concert muscle with the Grand Re-opening of the Broomfield Event Center as the First Bank Center. The venue is being called a multi-purpose venue, that can change the capacity of the room from 3,500 to 6,500, depending on stage placement. The opening concerts will be Friday and Saturday of this weekend with Furthur featuring Bob Weir and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. Both nights are sold out.

AEG Live president, and Colorado concert promoting legend Chuck Morris told the VIP crowd Wednesday night, “We think we built a new paradigm for the live music experience combining the very best parts of arena production. We can hang anything here for almost anything in the world with the decor and soul  and intimacy of some of the world’s great theaters. We can bring in and put up any band with any size stage, but it needed some soul and that’s what we spent the last 6 months on.”

Morris went on to say that one of the reasons AEG is so happy about the building is its proximity to current and developing transportation access points. “On May 1 will be the opening of an RTD Park and Ride right in front of our building, coming from Boulder and going to Denver and right on the other side of the new walkway bridge which will go right into our front door, will be coming from Denver and going to Boulder. And eventually, about 200 yards away or so is a little train track which will be a light rail coming from all parts of Denver and going to Boulder. The future for our transportation to this building is just outrageous. Everything done and everything still in the works will work to create the ultimate fan experience, which I pride myself in providing over 40 years in the business,” Morris said.

Photo by   Soren McCarty

Photo by   Soren McCarty
Photo by   Soren McCarty
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  1. Maybe not, Ben. We’re not sure. The real test will be Friday night’s sound. But to be honest, I think, just from the looks of it, that they did a really good job. Again we’ll hear the real deal this weekend. I slammed this venue in the past for having all the intimacy of a prison, but some of these little touches seem to have worked wonders. Let’s keep those fingers crossed.

  2. Shouldn’t we still complain about how AEG Live and Ticketmaster operate in an oligopoly, taking advantage of music fans with their unreal ticket fee structures?

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