Beth Thornley


Beth Thornley

Wash U Clean


4 out of 5 stars

Me likes.

I had never heard Beth Thornley’s name before I was asked to review some material for her upcoming and third CD release Wash U Clean.

“I like to write in a variety of styles,” Thornley wrote in her online bio.  “As a piano-based singer/songwriter it’s very easy to fall into all-too familiar patterns, so I like to step into some different musical shoes for inspiration.”

I’d have to say Thornley succeeds wonderfully in her intention of creating something unpredictable. Her compositions are fresh and her lyrics have substance, while the production is immaculate. Oh, and did I mention she could sing? Helluva voice!

Watch out for Beth Thornley. I imagine she’ll be around for a while. Her music is definitely worth a listen.

– By Cheebo Acevedo

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