High Sierra Music Festival


High Sierra celebrates 2oth year in Quincy

By Kelli Petersen


July 1-4

Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds

Quincy, Calif.

When you think of music festivals, your first thought is probably not going to be, “Let’s bring the kids!” Instead, you may have visions of half-naked and fully drunk fans, covered in mud and throwing bottles. However, shake that image if you’re considering a jaunt to the 20th Annual High Sierra Music Festival in Northern California.

This year, though, things may get a bit crazy. With festival staples Widespread Panic, The Black Crowes, and the Avett Brothers, High Sierra flexes its rock and roll muscle and the hippie vibe may give way to a raucous affair this year.

To complement the party atmosphere, High Sierra will provide many services and events which make this festival unlike any other. For the families, there will be a KidZone with vaudeville shows, Mom’s Breastaurant (for nursing mothers, complete with complimentary beverages, magazines, and diapering supplies), and designated camping areas with earlier quiet times. Furthermore, there will be daily parades and nightly fire performances. Such measures ensure that all kinds of people will find enjoyment in this large, four-day event.

Another effort which sets this festival apart is its devotion to nature. High Sierra has long been a champion in the fight for environmental awareness. This year, such programs as ride-sharing and carbon off-setting will be implemented, along with prize-awarded challenges and recycling bags for campers.

Travel time:

(As calculated by maps.google.com from

Denver, Colo. to Quincy, Calif.)

Total Est. Time: 16 hours, 19 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 1,130 miles

You NEED TO KNOW: On-site parking is going to be pricey, so your best bet is to park off-site and take the free shuttle to the fairgrounds. If you want to attend the “Late Night” shows (which also include Troubadour Sessions and Vaudeville Tent shows), you will have to purchase these separately (in addition to your required multi-day pass). Also, bring a bathing suit, as there is a community pool for concert-goers.

Price: $$$ (applause for the layaway program, which High Sierra offers)

Camping: The cost of “primitive” on-sitecamping is included in the multi-day pass or you can purchase a pass for off-site RV parking.

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  1. I have a nice,comphy, clean and beautifull home in Quincy that I would like to rent during the festival ( 10 minutes from town). Moderate all nite party’s O.K Children friendly and much for them to do! Two story, wrap around decks,beautifull view, located in meadow. 3 Bedrooms, large living room with lots of sleeping space, Alot of camping space.
    Know any body that might be interested or a place I would addvertise this?
    Thank You, Nichole