Jeff Brinkman


Jeff Brinkman

To The Bones

Devonshire Records

4 out of 5 stars

If Dave Matthews and Adam Duritz, of Counting Crows, made a vocal baby it’d be Jeff Brinkman. Don’t try to imagine how they would do that, just think of how it would sound.

Poppy but raw, professional but loose is how Jeff Brinkman’s debut To the Bones comes across. Recorded locally at Devonshire Studios with a whole host of Front Range staples at his side, like Mark Diamond, Christian Teele and Bryan Wagstaff, among others, the Iowa transplant to Colorado has been working on this release since 2008, and the time taken shows in a dialed-in production.

Soft and brooding in some parts and rocking and inspirational in others, To The Bones showcases a songwriter who carefully ponders each note and word, but never takes his songs so seriously that they lose their spunk.

— Brian F. Johnson

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