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Sheila Moriarity

Midnight Kites

From?: Denver

Who ’dat?:  Jill McDougall (vocals/guitar) Bruce McDougall (guitar/backing vocals), Connor DeFehr (bass)

Myspace Categorization?: Pop/ambient/complex sonic color

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: The Shins, My Bloody Valentine, The Cowboy Junkies

What’s their deal?: Born out of the marriage of songwriters Jill and Bruce MacDougall, the Midnight Kites combine pop and complex ambient textures for a sound that is at once lonely and joyous. Their songs are deeply personal and explore love, loneliness, personal growth and beauty, but as the final track on their album “Swimming Naked” suggests, most of their songs are a reminder that life can and should be a wonderful ride.

Shameless web plug: www.midnightkites.com

O.K. When?: Laughing Goat, July 11

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