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By Brian F. Johnson

Grass It Up

From?: Denver

From?: Colorado Springs

Who ’dat?:  David Jeffrey (mandolin/guitar/vocals), Shannon Carr (lead guitar/ banjo/vocals), Jon Bross (bass), Ben Lewis (fiddle/vocals), and Danny Karpel (piano)

Facespace Categorization?: bluegrass

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Mountain Standard Time, Head For The Hills

What’s their deal?: Formed in 2005 around the oddly named venue Front Range Barbeque in Colorado Springs, Grass It Up takes the New Grass Revival approach to bluegrass, throwing in  contemporary influences and styles, while holding tradition close. Their newest CD Day After Yesterday was recorded at Funny Bunny Records in Colorado Springs and released this summer. The band points to the “Up” in their name as an underlying vibe that they try to convey through their music — upbeat style and energy.

The geographic range of its members, from Florida to Wisconsin, has shaped their sound by providing a massive pallette from which they can explore.

Shameless web plug:  www.grassitup.com

O.K. When?: Front Range Barbecue (Colorado Springs), October 30

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