Local Love


By Brian F. Johnson

Remember May

From?: Denver

Who ’dat?: Amanda Capper (vocals/guitar), Micah Friedman (guitar) Ben Loshin (drums) and Kim O’Hara (bass/vocals).

Facespace Categorization?: Rock.

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Cranberries, The Bellrays

What’s their deal?: Clutching their sophomore EP Feathers with anticipatory excitement, Remember May has enough artistic sense to warrant some indie street cred, and enough pop sensibilities to make it to radio. While Capper’s voice is powerful and center stage, it’s highlighted by Friedman’s exemplary guitar playing, which is the true gem of the group’s music.

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O.K. When?: October 9 – Casselman’s Feather CD Release Party

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