Suburban Home offers free download of Anniversary Party recordings


FREE DOWNLOAD: Suburban Home Records 15th Anniversary (Best Of) Live At 3 Kings Tavern

Whether you made it out for Suburban Home Records 15th Anniversary Weekend or not, you can now enjoy some of the best moments of the weekend wherever you happen to reside. Our good friend James Freeman (of That’s The Thing About That) has been so kind to record the entire 15th Anniversary weekend and share his favorite performances with all of you. Visit the link above and you can download 22 tracks (2 tracks of each of 11 artists who performed over the weekend). I highly recommend you download and listen to these recordings. Alongside tracks you are more than likely familiar with, there are a number of cover songs you can’t get anywhere else. Rob Coe covers the Dead Boys, Micah Schnabel covers Alkaline Trio, Lizzie Huffman covers Ryan Adams, and Two Cow Garage covers Neil Young.

What are you waiting for? Download this 22 song mix tape and make it your soundtrack for the weekend.

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