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In an ironic chance of coincidences, literally just minutes after I finished editing our cover story for this issue on Michael Franti, I flipped on the television and found a re-run of the second-ever episode of “South Park” — the famed Weight Gain 4000 episode.

It is in that episode that Eric Cartman utters the now-infamous line: “Dolphins, eskimos? Who cares? It’s all a bunch of tree-hugging hippie crap!” I couldn’t help but laugh, even chortle, if you will, about hearing those lines so soon after editing a story centered around causes, and an album full of great-to-be-alive sentiment.

But even with my cynical “we’re-all-screwed” attitude, I easily warmed to the ideals behind Franti’s Harvest Ball, and the celebration of abundance that we should all be sharing.

It hasn’t exactly been an easy year for the music community around Colorado. Our musical family has had its share of knocks. But, it’s because some people wake up like Franti each morning, see sunshine and keep moving forward that we get to continue to do what it is we do — live for live music.

I’m sure we all have dozens of stories where after a hard week, or a tough month, we saw a band that, at the time, was like a revival for our soul — a little boost of momentum that kept us moving forward.

Well, passing on that momentum keeps it going the world over. So this month, as we give thanks for our relative good fortune, we should also dig out the few remaining cents we have in our pockets, or the old canned food items on the back of our pantry shelves and give back. The Harvest Ball at the 1st Bank Center will include a food drive, and if you show up without something to donate, at least throw a few bucks their way.

Additionally, Boulder’s own Conscious Alliance will again this Thanksgiving season host their 7th Annual Holiday Meal Drive from November 18-24. Last year, Conscious Alliance distributed over 1,500 holiday meal boxes to Native American households at Lame Deer Reservation in Montana, Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and Houma Reservation in Louisiana.

Conscious Alliance will be on hand at the Fox Theatre on November 18 for a show with Hot Buttered Rum. Two years ago, HBR traveled with Conscious Alliance to the Pine Ridge Reservation to help deliver food. A donation of $15 or more provides dinner for a family this holiday season, and a donation of $30 or more feeds an individual for an entire week! (We are compiling a list of other events like this, and we will put them below this entry.)

So give… Please. Otherwise, Cartman has every  right to say: “Hippies. They want to save the Earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.”

See you at the shows.

Additional events:

:: Heart of the Farm Festival – Feeding Happy Hearts ::
:: A fundraiser benefitting Happy Heart Farm and Feeding the Families Program ::
:: Fort Collins, Colorado-November 13, 2010 ::
:: Avogadro’s Number- 1-5 pm ::
Happy Heart Farm presents their third annual Fall Fundraiser, Heart of the Farm Festival: Feeding Happy Hearts on November 13, 2010 from 1-5 p.m. at Avogadro’s number, 605 S Mason St. The fall season  is a time when we can count our blessings, and share the abundance with others. The Happy Heart annual Fundraiser is a family friendly, event about the health and happiness, created in growing, preparing, celebrating, and sharing, locally grown organic fruits and vegetables with families and those  less fortunate.

Happy Heart Farm’s Feeding the Families Program offers seasonal organic vegetables grown by the farm to low-income families.

In addition to growing over one hundred farm vegetable shares, Happy Heart Farm fed seven low income families in 2009 increasing to twenty two families in 2010. The goal for 2011, is to expand our giving by raising $32,000, providing organic fruits, eggs and vegetables to 40 families (from June through November)

Live musical performances by Liz Barnez, Michael Kirkpatrick, Kathryn Mostow, Bill Demarco, and The Handpicked Band. Our highlighted guest speaker is, Koa Halpern, intelligent, compassionate, and 12 years old!  Koa’s nonprofit organization, Fast Food Free mission aims to improve children’s health and conserve our precious natural resources.  He will be speaking to kids and adults to inform us of the dangers that accompany a fast food lifestyle and the fun and adventure of eating well.

To purchase tickets visit To make a donation to the Feeding the Families programs go to:

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