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The Sunshine House


Who ’dat?: Philip Waggoner (vocals/acoustic guitar); Becky Raab (vocals); Zach Crider (electric guitar); Dylan Curtis (electric guitar); Jered Lish (violin/cello/ auxilary strings); Tyler Kellogg (drums/percussion)

Myspace Categorization?: Ambient/Folk/ Shoegaze

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Bon Iver, Black Atlantic

What’s their deal?: The Sunshine House is so new as a band, that their wobbly little legs have barely stood long enough to build a myspace page. But the quality of the couple rough tracks that they have released online, are already showing signs of brilliance, or at least something pretty damn good. Heavy and sullen, as all good shoegaze is, the organic  instrumentation of their initial tracks blends with the vocals of Waggoner and Raab, and form a dark, but beautiful blanket, just in time to keep out the winter chill.

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O.K. When?: Marquis Theater, November 4

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