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The Raven and the writing desk


Who ’dat?: Julia LiBassi (lead vocals/keys); Scott Conroy (guitar); Adrienne Short (violin/backup vocals); Ryan Self (bass); Neil Mitchell (percussion/marimba/backup vocals); Matt Murphy (drums).

Myspace Categorization?: haunted rock with a classical twist

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Dresden Dolls, Mazzy Star, Cranberries, Arcade Fire

What’s their deal?: Fresh on the heels of the recording and release of their debut album Recidivist, newborn Denver quintet The Raven and the Writing Desk have moved audiences with haunting, beautifully rich, emotionally and energetically packed performances. LiBassi’s voice grips audiences with a sound that ranges from sheer and ethereal to soulful and commanding. The harmonious blend of the band’s unique sounds, from resonant violin to pounding percussion, create a versatile experience that twists and wraps around itself.

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O.K. When?: Walnut Room, Dec. 10 (CD release party).

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