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:: Elephant Revival ::
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Elephant Revival

Break in the Clouds

Ruff Shod Records

5 oout of 5 stars

The darlings of Nederland, Colo., Elephant Revival, have unveiled their sophomore release, Break in the Clouds — which showcases a band that has grown tremendously and hit their stride, while further developing and mastering their sound.

In their self-described style of “transcendental folk,” Elephant Revival blends simple chord changes with haunting melodies, precise harmonies, and solid musicianship. It’s a fairly mellow record for a band that’s known for high-energy live shows. But like a fine wine, the songs are instantly pleasing to the pallette, and eventually reveal complex undertones.

Elephant Revival has a wealth of variety in their sound due to having multiple lead singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in their ranks. Bridget Law adds so much to the record with her seamless, soft, and lyrical violin ability. Bonnie Paine’s vocal style portrays a certain quiet desperation and earnestness; while Sage Cook has a more raspy, smoky hue. Daniel Rodriguez delivers a robust and smooth range of tenor and baritone, and multi-instrumentalist Dango Rose supplies great depth with double-bass, mandolin, banjo and vocals. The blend of each of their vocal characteristics and musicianship makes for a lush record, rich with band chemistry and teaming with growth and maturity.                                              — Chibo Acevedo

:: Elephant Revival ::

:: Nomad Theater :: December 30 and 31 ::

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  1. There is nothing like Elephant Revival – the energy, the presence…the sound…makes my ears feel like they’re being rubbed with bunny fur. I’ve had the rotation of both their albums playing for over a month now. I haven’t listened to anything else. If you haven’t seen or heard them yet, I highly recommend it. I don’t usually comment on things like this, but Elephant Revival is a whole different story. Spot on with the review.

    Peace and Love 🙂

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