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Ouch! 2010 sure did sting. What a ride it was. I’d like to sum it up the way “The Dude” would, saying “strikes and gutters,” but last year seemed more drastic — more like front-row center or shut out of the show.

It was a year that saw some bands blow up beyond their wildest dreams (like our cover story this month, Big Gigantic), and a year that saw many bands who couldn’t even afford to tour.

It was a year that saw venues come together to share resources and cut costs when times were toughest, and a year that saw some institutions shutter their doors for good.

It’s times like this, though, where real character comes out and, if nothing else, 2010 definitely showed us that there are a wealth of people in our community who will bend over backwards in a second to help when help is needed.

I’m not going to start listing names for fear of forgetting someone, or putting people on the spot, but we at The Marquee saw some pretty amazing gestures, both toward us and the greater good this year.

We saw community members open their wallets to lend a hand, business “competitors” come together for causes and, of course, we saw musicians working to keep smiles on our faces.

When times are at their worst, it’s easy to circle the wagons and not let anyone else in, for fear of losing what you already have, and sadly, we’ve seen that in some instances — it’s something that cuts away at the fabric of the community that we’re in; this awesome music community.

Luckily, though, we’ve seen it happen the other way, too; when people open their hearts and minds and give first.

But alas, now that we’ve flipped the calendar page, it’s time to focus on what’s to come, not where we’ve been.

I’m hoping that in 2011 we can continue to grow and that we can, more often, be the ones who give, not receive. It’s been our goal, since The Marquee’s inception, to be a voice for our “family,” and in a time when families are being taxed from every angle, we hope to not only continue being that voice, but to also continue being a part of the threads that weave us all together

We hope your holidays went great, and your New Year’s Eve was a blast and that 2011 gives you everything you may wish for. Just make sure when all of your dreams do come true, that you reach back and find someone to help who’s still waiting for theirs to materialize.

See you at the shows.

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