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the h is o


Who ’dat?: Matt Zoeller (vocals/guitar); Matt Stephenson (lead guitar); Sondra Tutela (bass); Michael McKee (drums).

Myspace Categorization?: Powerpop/daydreamcore

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: Ween, Dr. Dog, The Flaming Lips

What’s their deal?: the h is o said that they came together to do for music what Muhammad Ali did for improvisation speaking. We’re not really sure what that means, but we like it, as we do their poppy, but indie feel that is wrought with humor and puns, but still dialed in musically.

Any way you split it the band — which either takes their name from the anti-D.U.I campaign, the Glen Frey song or, hopefully, the Will Ferrel and Ben Stiller SNL short (Google it, trust me) — has a refreshingly spirited approach to their music and to their live shows.

Shameless web plug: thehiso.net

O.K. When?: Bender’s Tavern, January 29.

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