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Musketeer Gripweed

Fort Collins

Who ’dat?: Ben Hockett (bass); Ehren Crumpler (guitar); Brian Foster (drums); Matt Goldberg (keys); Jason Downing (harmonica, dobro, vocals); Stu Crair (drums); Black Swan Singers (backup vocals).

Myspace Categorization?: American revival stomp ass shake holla.

We’re not saying they are these guys, but they kind of sound like: The Black Crowes, North Mississippi Allstars, The Faces

What’s their deal?: I still can’t believe their new album isn’t a new Black Crowes CD. Musketeer Gripweed has the same sound, the same swagger and the same delivery as the Crowes and that makes Dyin’ Day instantly recognizable and familiar. But what makes the album so good is that it’s not a copy. Somehow, while paying solid homage to the Crowes and other bands like them, Musketeer Gripweed has found their own voice. And it’s a powerful one, indeed.

The album’s title track features the Black Swan Singers, and the depth and revival sound that they bring to the track is insurmountable. The band has some phenomenal chops, which shine through at their brightest during the breakdown of “Dyin’ Day,” which among other elements captures Ehren Crumpler’s axe work at its best.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Backbone Studios in Loveland, the band self-produced the album, which they then packaged with some of the best band photos I’ve seen in years. Capitalizing on Downing’s over-the-top psychedelic preacher looks, the band follows their great songs with perfect imagery (like the above shot of Downing, flanked by his stoic bandmates, pointing and preaching with Bible and snakes in hand).

Musketeer Gripweed is an entire package that needs to be digested loudly in the car while driving fast, and then all over again live in concert.

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O.K. When?: Hodi’s Half Note, January 27.

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  2. These are some of my favorite musicians from Ft. Collins. They frequent our Kick ASS Northern Colorado (If You Must!.. Baseline Rd. is equivalent to the borders of Kansas & Nebraska get it?. Get a Map, Man!) quite often. If you’re a photographer?, Snap’n LIVE shot’s of the “Dr.”, Jason Downing. Indeed, Jason Kicks ass! Ehren Crumpler will make you feel right at home, love’n IT!.. Just as it should be… Peace! Enjoy the show!

    Boss Redding KRFC 88.9fm